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27th Dec 2016 from TwitLonger

RiP Nihilum

A short explanation of what happened with Nihilum.

The guild has actually done very well since BRF where we finished the tier 21st (right before the +5 ilvl buff)
We then proceeded with HFC which we had a lot of fails, but a lot of success as well (Thanks Nagura! having a raid leader helps)
We finished top 14th and we kept running the guild the same way. WoD Nihilum was never a guild that was known for being time efficient, we raided a lot more than others at our ranks, but people who applied and played with us knew that going in, top ranks is so much about enduring playing so much during progress.

Once EN came out while HFC farm had taken a toll on a lot of members, we had replaced a bunch, we still finished that tier 25th, which was a tier very unforgiving for a guild like us, very time efficient guilds made a lot more progress than us. Which is fine, but obviously people were disappointed by the ranks (surprisingly, it was mostly from people who were progress raiding with us for the first time)

This loss of ranks made a lot of people frustrated led to a big turnover in leadership.
Notably this meant Erathon stepping down, Flame leaving the guild, Larkin getting GM and promoting Verdisha.
There was also a close to unanimous decision from everyone in the guild that they wanted to go more hardcore in the future.
We stepped up with adding a 4th char to gear up, splitting mythic EN, and then later endless amounts of ToV hc splits.
However, it's easy to say one thing, a VERY different thing to actually do it, and while everyone in the guild had basically said they wanted to step up, literally nothing happened outside raid times (which everyone said they wanted to and were prepared for)
All talk no action.

Personally, ever since EN and the leadership ruffle, while I've still been an officer, I havnt lifted a finger outside the raids. The guild was dragging the absolute opposite of where I wanted it to go, so I took my hands off and let the people who said they'd fix everything, do it all.

Couple that with a bunch of Irl things going on this autumn, I just havnt been interested in giving it my all.
The week before EN progress I went home for my dad's wedding. The 2nd week of ToV progress I went to dreamhack, and shortly after that I went home for my grandpa's funeral. And I've also taken every opportunity I could to spend with my girlfriend, I simply just haven't been interested in keeping the guild in check, or doing anything officer worthy.

People who's been watching our streams surely know by now we've had issues forming raids outside of the farm raids on wed/thurs, and while we've been on helya for 4weeks, we've spent 4 hours on her.
Huge attendance issues all over, I'm sure most people have felt burnt out after months of m+ AP/gear farming, and 6+h raids on top of that, and really poor quality of our raids as well, have made a lot of people just give up.
We had both old and new members just quitting mid progress, a lot due to aweful attitude and atmosphere during raids, raids were just no fun and people saw no reason to give enough fucks. Last time we progresses Helya, we had 9 people that were present on our Xavius kill, meaning more than half the raid team are new people.

As for the future, I'll retake GM of Nihilum for now, I honestly don't know what to do with it yet, or if I'll look for a new guild for Nighthold, I'm not a fan of being an officer/raidleader and id much rather be in a guikd where i can just do me, and stream.
I'll still be streaming for sure, so let's see what we do.


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