25th Dec 2016 from TwitLonger

Palutena and the Future

So after recovering from a 4 day Zero Saga plague I was informed by a friend that people thought I had gone completely inactive with Palutena.

This is not the case. The reason I am limiting/stopping practice on Palu is because outside of light training there isn't any further tech I can use to push the character. I already know what moves to use when (pretty nice when you have so few moves). You damn well know if I see any new tech ill be incorporating it and I will still make sure my play in general is sharp.

At the moment, I plan to co-main Palutena and Diddy for matchups she cant cut it in. The following characters are who I plan to use Diddy in at the moment are as follows.

1. Diddy
2. Sheik
3. Metaknight
4. Fox
5. Sonic
6. Little Mac
7. (only a maybe) ZSS

Pretty much everything else I plan on still using Palu. I will also be less opposed to using Palu if I dont think the opponent knows the Matchup. This also works the other way (swap to diddy if they have massive Palu exp).

Also, I doubt im gonna have Diddy anywhere close to ready by the time G4 comes so will likely have one last hurrah as solo Palu.

I totally expect Smash Switch or the January patch to completely change these plans, but lets go off what we know for the moment.

TLDR : Co-main Palu/Diddy

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