The Only Ones Who Lost Today Are The Children of St. Jude

At an age when most of his peers were more concerned about social media than social responsibility, my boss, Eric Trump, founded a charity dedicated to the eradication of pediatric cancer. Since its inception, The Eric Trump Foundation has raised nearly $20M to combat terminal illnesses at one of the most prestigious global institutions dedicated to the same: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. By using only Trump owned & operated facilities and securing F&B donations from longtime vendors instead of hosting extravagant celebrity-laden events at overpriced venues, Eric deliberately maintained one of the lowest expense ratios of any private charity in the country - proudly ensuring that nearly every cent he raised went directly to saving actual lives. Sadly, this week, Eric made the heartbreaking, yet voluntary, decision to suspend all direct fundraising on behalf of his namesake foundation for the duration of his father's presidency in order to avoid the slightest appearance of impropriety that the biased media would have undoubtedly levied against him & his father's Administration without merit for the next 4-8 years. As the Vice President of The Eric Trump Foundation for the past 7 years, I have had the honor to weep alongside this great man at the bedside of a suffering child in Memphis or watch him intently research the progressive treatments and trials that St. Jude conducts in advance of a cure. I've personally witnessed Eric spend nearly an hour negotiating pennies off the dollar - refusing to take no for an answer - while major business partners sat waiting in Trump Tower's lobby simply to benefit the kids of St. Jude that much more than yesterday. I could not be more proud to call him my boss, my mentor and my best friend. He is - and always will be - the brother I never had. And while I could easily author 10-pages on the gross inequity between the direct fundraising opportunity posted by a reputable internet auction house of a "Coffee with Ivanka Trump" compared to the funneling & tunneling of foreign donations in exchange for a clandestine uranium contract two days later - or the mere existence of a charity organization to serve as a perpetual floodgate for personal wealth, I digress. What I will say is that, quite simply, this decision only once again demonstrates the length to which the Trump family is willing to make personal sacrifices for the betterment of this country & to advance the President-Elect's pledge to put #AmericaFirst - even if it may result in irreparable harm to an otherwise selfless cause. Over the past few years, we've seen the creation of "safe spaces" to protect fragile minds from dissenting opinions & arguments. To the grown adults who continue to use inflammatory language to describe Donald Trump's historic presidential victory, such as "scared," "suffering" or "fear for my life," you should all be forced to spend ONE DAY in the shoes of a child battling pediatric cancer at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in order to discover the true meaning of those words. Shame on you. And shame on the mainstream media for, quite literally, shortening the life expectancy of an unknown number of innocent children today. πŸ™πŸ½

#MayGodHaveMercyOnYourSouls #TodayTheChildrenLost #StJudeIsTheOriginalSafeSpace

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