Hey @RichardFroom,

I'm the new Product Manager for The Premiership for this coming season so I thought i'd respond to try and alleviate some concerns. My DMs are open and i'm present on the various game discords if you, or others, want to get hold of me.

Firstly it isn't our intention to leave anyone out. We want to give everyone the opportunity to try and qualify for the Premiership but with scheduling, we're always going to hit someone's busy period.

Due to timings next year we've decided to start the LoL and CS:GO Premierships earlier than normal with the hope of fitting in a lot more content for all of our titles as well as giving us time to try a few new ideas around the Premiership season.

We had a few plans of how we could have run this first season, such running a GSL style format like last year, but we felt that the round robin league gives people a better and more involved experience. The feedback forms we collected last year had comments that teams wanted more games and we are trying act on that feedback as best we can to make this a better tournament for everyone.

Hopefully, you and many of the other students who want to get involved with The Premiership will still be able to this year. We worked hard to get our qualifier dates announced before Christmas, so people had time to see how it affected their schedule in January and going forward we want to communicate game dates as early as possible.

In the future this will be a few months ahead of game days but due to some unfortunate circumstances, it's only going to be a few weeks for this first season.

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