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23rd Dec 2016 from TwitLonger

My reply to @TSMReginald

Hey everyone!

First, I just wanted to thank everyone for your support. It's been a really crazy day and it's amazing to know the community has my back. After reading some of your comments and Andy's reply I wanted to clarify a few things.

It seems like some people who have followed the situation think that I didn't speak with Andy at all during this process, or that I unfairly cut off contact with him. He basically implies it in his text to me and his community response, but this is just not the case. On December 9th, Andy and I went to lunch together and talked about our new team and different esports industry issues. He asked me questions about different kinds of league structures in esports and traditional sports, and I gave him my opinions. This lunch, which came two days after Scott sent our first letter to the PEA, was very friendly. We specifically discussed how the players had selected Scott to represent us, and Andy said he was well aware of it. He even made a joke about how angry Jack (Cloud9's owner) was that the players had picked Scott.

I don't think it's fair for Andy to imply that my way of communicating wasn't proper, or to be critical of me for not talking to him. I did talk to him. I talked to him face to face for two hours and he expressed no issues about Scott representing us during that time. This was two days after Scott e-mailed the PEA on our behalf. This is why I was kind of confused (among other things) when Andy was texting me asking why I hadn't talked with him. I had. He was aware when we went to lunch that Scott was representing the players, including me, in our discussion with the PEA. He understood that this meant all of the official communication needed to go through Scott and Jason Katz - just like when any players association head meets with any league commissioner. We had a very friendly lunch and he expressed no issues about anything. So I don't understand why now he is upset about my communication decisions. He never expressed any concerns about them until today.

When we decided to have Scott represent us, it wasn't because we had anything against our owners, or wanted to damage them. By the time I joined TSM, the players had already decided to reach out to Scott for help. We did this because we came to the conclusion that, based on what had been going with the PEA since September, we needed to work together. It's all in our open letter ( Through all of this, though, it was really important to all of the players to balance standing up for ourselves while showing respect and appreciation to our organization owners. That is why we worked for two weeks to resolve the situation in private once Scott started talking to Jason, and it is also why we worded our letter as we did.

As players, we should be able to stand up for ourselves and each other - and tell the truth - without being afraid that our team owners will accuse us of damaging them. The way I see it, if the community finding out what really happened is damaging to you, then you only have yourself to blame. We specifically made it a point to be honest and respectful with our organization owners throughout this process.

Despite what has happened, I still appreciate my time on TSM. I wish that things didn't have to end this way. I understand that Andy is in a tough place and I don't wish him any ill will, but warping the truth is not fair to me or anyone, and it is not right way to handle all of this. As for the other things Andy mentions in his response, I did not "manipulate" anyone and my former teammates have already confirmed this in their public reply to Andy (

Again, thank you everyone for the support. I hope this clears things up. Please continue to support me, my former teammates, and all of our fellow players by reading our letter and being vocal about the importance of #playersrights.

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