The Power Of Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling is entertainment. It defines in essence the struggle between good and evil. Therefore, the journey has travelers that walk the dark and light paths. Both are necessary to explain the human struggle. Will good triumph over evil? , Will the crowd feed the evil, to see it triumph over good? , or... will someone defy the norms and follow both paths to achieve their goal? Wrestlers play this role. It is more than acting, its drama with athletic skill.
Wrestling is more than a career, it is a way of life. It is becoming a character with a life-long role, and taking the audience on that journey with you.. So it is up to the 'sports' entertainer to make fans believe. Wrestlers and wrestling personalities need to understand the responsibility they have to entertain. We need each other to tell a good story, therefore, wrestlers first priority is to protect the business and his or her fellow dance partner in the ring. Respect the business and tradition knowing what your audience wants to be entertained by telling them a story and don't be afraid to set new standards through which can only take pro wrestling forward to a new generation of fans.
People see behind the curtain just like they do in any movie,tv show, or play. Wrestling, however, has a special place in this human journey, because it can defy language, race, ethnic background, political affiliation, and culture. It can be used to unite or divide. I believe wrestling can be used for good to unite. In a world in need of positive influences, let us choose to unite not divide people further. There is enough hate in our world so join me, in the love revolution, be a disciple of the GWO, guru wrestling order. Less hate, more love. Peace, my brothers and sisters. The Guru

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