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13th Dec 2016 from TwitLonger

There will not be a *Pound* 2017

Hey Guys,

Tantalus here. I have reluctantly come with some unfortunate news. We must announce at this point that *Pound* will not reoccur in 2017.

There are a large amount of factors involved with this, but ultimately the biggest line item is that we could not find a venue to meet the needs of Pound Series. Last year, we pushed the Ritz Carlton to it's limit running what we believe to be the most efficient 2 day event in Smash Brothers history. One of the biggest feedback items was that Pound was too cramped. However, the Ritz was booked throughout the entirety of late winter/spring, and the only venues willing to entertain our type of event with our size needs were just going to be too expensive (5 to 10 times more than last year). We have always been a "player first" event and considering the history of Pound we thought it would be wiser to not push the envelope.

Just to make it clear, *Pound* is not over, we're just going to skip this outing and start working towards the future. Additionally, the organizers of *Pound* are all working on other projects as well, so we aren't gone, we will still be around working on events near you.

I can speak for the team when I say we deeply regret missing this opportunity to deliver another successful *Pound* event, but in the end we don't want to do something if it isn't going to be a great experience for everyone involved.

We are excited for Smash in 2017 and beyond. No matter what smash game you play, or even non-smash games, keep smashing and we'll see you all soon.

~ Tantalus & Pound Staff

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