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A small but true bliss.

When two people meet hoping to enjoy a meal together, sometimes it's just comes down to whom you're eating with rather than what you're eating. 'Yang Chul Cooking' is a small guesthouse-like space operated by Chef Kim Yang Chul. Like in the Japanese movie 'Kamome Diner', she exchanges friendly chat with her guests, keeping a good relationship with them, making it to be always crowded with people who search some food for thoughts. The menu is a Korean-Japanese fusion cuisine. Three or four side dishes along with rice and soup are nicely presented in a single tray. Though they're not much, they're definitely rich enough for a single person. We were skeptical about whether we could create a Christmas party atmosphere with Korean food but we decided that soul food is the key. So, we tried to convey a small but true bliss through several dishes whipped up from Korean ingredients prepared by Chef Kim Yang Chul and actress Kang Sora.

Being demure is somewhat like an image for an actress. Kang Sora was no exception here. But of course, the prejudice was broken with the very first words came from her mouth. "A meal is really important to me. When I start to work on a new project, I will manage my diet carefully trough 'one meal a day' plan. I just can't make do with a quick filler for my meal!" Everyone couldn't forget how her expression and voice looked like when she was stating those words. It has a sense of resoluteness that made us laughed out loud clapping our hands. She mentioned that the reason she exercises diligently every time she has an interview is just because so that she can enjoy eating. It was also because of her firm philosophy about eating good food that she came to know 'Yang Chul Cooking'. Although she likes to eat, she still has a long way when it comes to cooking. "To be honest, I couldn't even fry an egg properly before." She also added that kitchen was like her mother's sacred place and it was off-limit to her. But one day her mother couldn't cook because she injured her hand. Kang Sora who was craved to eat homemade food then found 'Yang Chul Cooking' that prepares food that suit her tastebud. 'Yang Chul Cooking' rarely uses seasoning since its cooking method is more focus on enhancing the natural flavour of the ingredients used for its food. "It's Kang Sora here...." stated Kang Sora more, reminiscing the one time when she carefully made a call to the guesthouse to make a reservation but got rejected straight away..and the two of them burst into laughter recalling the story.

These days Kang Sora's totally hooked on cooking. Loving the flavour of food cooked by Chef Kim Yang Chul, Kang Sora joins cooking classes organized by the guesthouse about twice a week. "I wanted to invite my friends to my house but the reality was that I couldn't even handle easy ingredients like mozarella cheese and tomatoes. I just need to cut them (tomatoes) but that also I couldn't able to do it with confidence." (Laugh)

During her first class, Kang Sora learned how to cook rice and bean paste soup before learning how to make freshly made kimchi (keotjeori), tofu stew and stir-fried anchovy. After only 3 to 4 classes, she's now has no problem to prepare basic dishes for Korean table setting.

"I guess I'm really a fast learner. I think have pretty good sense of learning since I could understand two three steps ahead of what I was taught about. I was surprised myself when I found that I can communicate well in English and Japanese languages with the foreigners whom I learned together with in the cooking class.

I asked these two about their plan for Christmas party when they were excitedly talking about the joy of cooking. "We love meeting people but we don't want it to be crowded. Just four of five people would be great."

"Lately I'm so into cooking. I enjoy it so much when I share the food that I cook with utmost sincerity with all the people that I cherish. It is so rewarding to see someone happily eating the food that I made. I'm thoroughly enjoying this kind of feeling these days."

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Source: http://www.instylekorea.com/issue/article_view.asp?pg=1&seq=2249&sec=004001

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