Open Thoughts | I know that feel, fnx.

For me this is a very important and unpleasant event. Big changes in the legendary team of SK! They are saying goodbye to fnx. Obviously, nothing is forever, but any player leaving this team is a loss of a big part of the team, and that part was helping them be world champions! I don’t know the real reasons how this happened. But I personally think that fnx wasn’t the problem in game, we all know how good of a player he can be. Everything started from the second major win. SK made a big mistake by taking a whole month off, even though there was a reason for it. Obviously they didn’t expect how hard it would be to get back, how many tournaments were lost, even remembering the match vs Renegades on Dust2 0-16 and etc. This meant that while SK relaxed, other teams practiced a lot, and SK did a lot of work since that time, but the team still feels that one month of break and bad showings.

I personally found out that Na’Vi were thinking of kicking me from my friend, who isn’t even related to the team. And I found out about it during an event, ELEAGUE play offs, what a coincidence )) And I know how bad it feels inside. Especially realizing that you are parting ways no just with random people, but with a big part of your life, with your second family. So I want to support you fnx. I wish you to not give up and handle this period with pride. Get some rest, weigh everything out and decided what you want to do next ! Everything will be alright. I really want you to keep playing and find a good team ! Good luck bro!


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