Hey everyone, I have been thinking and reflecting on my life a lot since the time I'm home. and I really felt like a change was needed in the way I look at things in my current life.
I kept making excuses for alot of things in my life which hindered my growth alot.

In my opinion I have been slacking alot in my life the past so I decided to no longer accept mediocre work from my side. When I look back at my past I have many regrets of not doing things properly. Which means now I will be trying to do the best in everything in order to become better as a person/player. This means that I still play league of legends the majority of my day, because I wanna become the best with my team obviously... Also I started working out every day atleast for 1 hour to get better in shape and have a healthier mind/lifestyle. I have also been reading alot of self-help books lately and they are really interesting to me, because I really wanna be able to control my emotions and make the best decisions possible in whatever I do. The books I have been reading have helped me with seeing everything clearer and most importantly I get to understand myself better as a person. Besides working out I do small excercises like; Meditation, gratefulness and it really helps me staying positive, because all the small things I appreciate make me feel happier.
I have decided to always be open minded towards everything I do and always look for the positive in every thing in life. I think that's way better than being negative, Because it will hinder my growth as a person. For example I did not appreciate Deilor as much as I should have which I realized a while later. It's just that you get stuck in things and don't really get to see the perspective from above so that's why I deserved to lose and learn from my mistakes.

I am going to stick to what im currently doing in my lifestyle and I have been seeing alot of positive results towards my goals. I have never felt so fantastic in my life before, so I'm very happy about that.

So first off all its very saddening to me to leave FNC, because they are a really great organisation with wonderful people inside. I felt like I needed to change my environment to evolve as a player and h2k is an org that I already know and like and the roster is pretty stacked. My time in FNC was wonderful and I have only good things to say about those 2 years.
My ultimate goal is to get back to worlds and actually win it which I think is very possible, because I really think personally I can become the best if I work my hardest. The reason I think I can become the best is, because in 2015 I was lucky to be able to play at worlds with my team and alot of good mid laners showed me my weaknesses which I'm very grateful for . And also throughout 2016 in FNC I have experienced so much stuff that helped me grow. This means I will come back stronger because of that. And also with the roster/staff we currently have in H2k is really stacked and has a lot of potential all together.

I really hope anyone reading understands my decision and I hope you everyone stays on the journey with me towards becoming a better inspiring person and hopefully world champion one day. Change for the good

I wish everyone the best of luck and I really appreciate if you read everything and try to understand where I'm coming from <3

Fabian 'Febiven' Diepstraten

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