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29th Nov 2016 from TwitLonger

#CNBLUE Anniversary Tour #OurGloryDays at Tokyo Nippon Budokan Day 1

When they came back for the encore, YH started again by singing Treasure by Bruno Mars and switched to You're so fine. During the "Love is You" YH did some hearts with his hands, so cuuute! After the song YH and fans continued to sing acapella.

"Today was really a great show. We become all one. You're the best! I'm searching.... Radio"
I'm not tired of hearing it! It's always a great pleasure to enjoy it during a concert. I hope that even in the next 50 years (or 500 years like YH said x'D) they'll keep playing that song! The boys were all jumping and YH was dancing and running everywhere.

After Radio, YH pointed the audience at one part of the hall and moved his arm until the other part. Audience followed him by doing a wave. We did it three times, it was good!

The other song I still want to hear in the next 500 years is arigatou! arigatou is very important for me. And also because on the lyrics we could hear "arigatou kimi" "kimi" means "you" in japanese (from a boy to a girl) but it's also my nickname so hearing this part of the song always make me smile :).
Tonight JH wanted us to sing. And we all perfectly did it! Especially the chorus, it was good! We kept singing the chorus few times. It was beautiful!

They again made a little speech with touching words. I can't remember exactly. They said they will continue to make good songs and YH wanted to say (I think) "even in the next 50 years" but he made a mistake and kept saying "500 years", JH was always correcting him lol. At the end finally he could say "We'll continue to make goods songs for the next 50 years!" He also added something like "In 500 years we won't be here anymore but our songs will still be there." I wanted to cry at that moment xD, please don't mention such things! I can't imagine how annoying could be my life without these boys ><. No, WE STAY YOUNG FOREVER!

To close the show on a sweet note, they performed Young Forever under raining stars thanks to sparkling cotillons. Until now I was able to not cry but because tomorrow is the last show I think I will cry a river at that moment xD.

Another amazing show! For me, the best was Nagoya but tonight show was also great. More and more impressive and the boys are always full of energy!

Not only CNBLUE, but BOICE are also an important piece of the live, thanks to the cheers, the strong and close relationship with the band, their participation to the songs, it enables the live to be one of a kind.

I'm proud of the Japanese BOICE and I always feel good, like at home when I'm in a music hall with CNBLUE and BOICE. It's like a good time spent with family and close friends. Really a good live! Thank you everyone! I can't wait to attend last show tomorrow even if I don't want the tour to finish TT.


In My Head
Where you are
Have a good night
Let's go crazy
Be Ok
Don't care
Royal Rumble
Take me higher
Ryu Can Do It
I'm Sorry
Face to Face
Wake up
Glory Days

You're so fine
Young Forever

My FA is such a messy xD sorry!

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