Breaking News: Atrocities of Army Battion-232 in Buthidaung
At 6PM, 28.11.2016, Myanmar army battalion-232 besieged Rohingya village KyanPauk (KyaingTaunk) of Buthidaung, near TaungBazar and started beating every man in the village. 8 Rohingya men were beaten inhumanely; they are now in critical condition. 12 Rohingya girls were gang-raped. As one of them is 6 month pregnant, she may die soon. And 8 girls were taken away by a captain to rape at night by the military. 17 Rohingya were also arrested. The place which has been very peaceful was suddenly attacked by army in a inhumane way. Isn't it State's plan of Genocide?

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