New Issue of Metascience

We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 25, Issue 3 of the journal Metascience.

Editors: K. Brad Wray and Luciano Boschiero

In this issue:

1. A look behind the curtain: the editorial board
K. Brad Wray, Luciano Boschiero

2. Religio and scientia
Stephen Gaukroger

3. Deep narrow territories
J. L. Heilbron

4. Between complexity and harmony: Peter Harrison on science and religion
Yiftach Fehige

5. Beliefs, Lebensformen, and conceptual history
Peter Harrison

6. Of silence and denial: Sober on Ockham’s razors
Patrick Forber

7. Snipping or editing? Parsimony in the chimpanzee mind-reading debate
Kristin Andrews

8. Sober as a Judge
Gordon Belot

9. Replies to Kristin Andrews’s, Gordon Belot’s, and Patrick Forber’s reviews
Elliott Sober

Book Review
10. A plausible case for a science–religion conflict thesis
Maurice A. Finocchiaro

Book Review
11. Much Ado about noting
Evelyn Tribble

Book Review
12. A textured portrait of Max Planck for English-speaking readers
Naomi Pasachoff

Book Review
13. He does mind
Elliot Jurist

Book Review
14. Drawing the tree of life
John S. Wilkins

Book Review
15. “The central and controlling incident of my life”: Alfred Russel Wallace in the Spice Islands and environs, March 1854 to March 1862
Michael A. Flannery

Book Review
16. “Déjà vu all over again”: Haeckel’s Embryos and the combative history of an evolutionary icon
Donna Roberts

Book Review
17. Everyone who publishes a book is a fool
Jim Endersby

Essay Review
18. A paean to contingency
Joseph D. Martin

Book Review
19. The qualities of good experiments
Adam Morton

Book Review
20. An inferentialist theory of causation
Jeff Kasser

21. Manufacturing doubt
Lee McIntyre

Book Review
22. A guidebook through Kuhn scholarship
Rogier De Langhe

Book Review
23. Constitutional crises: how understanding constitutive elements in science can help us better understand the nature of conceptual change in science
Joshua Alexander

Book Review
24. Philosophy of social science from an analytic perspective
Ian Jarvie

Book Review
25. Understanding cultural evolution
David Henderson

Essay Review
26. Philosophy of chemistry: unkempt jungle and fertile ground
Micah Newman

Essay Review
27. Reform for the evolutionary social sciences or new theory of human nature?
Stephen M. Downes

Book Review
28. A synthesis of work in cognitive science
Kenneth Aizawa

Essay Review
29. Metaphysics meets the sciences
Axel Gelfert

Book Review
30. Make ontology easy again
Greg Frost-Arnold

Essay Review
31. Trying objectivity
David Mercer

Book Review
32. Gas chambers in the English countryside
John Forge

Book Review
33. Myths, dreams, and materialities
David Mercer

Dr. David Lambie
Assistant Editor, Metascience
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
State University of New York at Oswego
7060 State Route 104
212 Campus Center
Oswego, NY 13126

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