Dylan's thoughts on IMT in 2016, and moving forward

Hey guys, just wanted to post some quick thoughts on 2016 and next season.

I'm proud of what the Immortals players and staff accomplished this year. Although we had a disappointing end to the 2016 season, the level of domestic success we accomplished was far above what I expected from a new organization, staff and roster. Seeing the organization grow to where it is now was a great thing to be a part of, and I'm thankful for the opportunity.

As for now, I'm sorting through my options for the upcoming season, and plan to be working in eSports in some capacity through 2017. Through my time with IMT, H2K and TSM I've learned a lot about creating a strong and efficient practice environment for players, and am looking forward to what's in store for LoL eSports in 2017.

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