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25th Nov 2016 from TwitLonger

I'm leaving SYF Gaming

Little insight into the details below. I don't normally care to divulge such info but it's the first time I've walked away from a team that wasn't dead.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Unfortunately announcing I'm leaving the current SYF Gaming lineup having learnt certain member(s) of the team are moving to have me replaced while I'm away.. Again.

Sadly elements of the team have priors in this space (that OCEShuffle Twitter account got one thing right - SYF is worse than Game of Thrones at times). In the time since the core3 started (Close to two years now) there hasn't been a SINGLE season go by without a member of the team trying to kick someone - each time instigated by the same individual.
Anyone getting involved in the team going fwd should start to get an idea of what they're getting involved in. Ex players would know the reality of this all to well. Not once have I instigated the kicking of a player from the team. I would - and always have - preferred to play in a supportive team environment and do poorly than compete at the top with poor attitudes and people I couldn't trust.
Unlike last time around there is no easy clean up. Disappointingly, despite my efforts the team hasn't resembled anything close to a "team" since we removed catalyst. Our struggles to embed a 5th since then are well known and my schedule and travel this year hasn't helped.
Team has effectively underperformed due to these reasons which is a shame since I believe with time and a solid 5th we could have competed with the top 3.

Hopefully for the orgs sake (who have been fantastic despite bumps in the road along the way) the team moves on and does well - I know my schedule didn't align with the majority of the team so it may turn out to be a good move.

Any team on the hunt for an experienced IGL lurk/support as part of the current shuffle feel free to get in touch via Twitter. In the meantime I'll be working on my next project.

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