Updates and the future of Britbongreturns

I have been streaming every other day on stream.me and the site has been great, and my streaming schedule is very easy to maintain so I can focus on entertaining people and generally having fun.

I have been uploading videos to my other channel called "Eggbong" which consists of stream highlights/experimental stuff I didn't think "Britbongreturns" subscribers would like.

To me streaming and uploading to Eggbong has been stress free so that's probably why you've seen the increase of videos on the channel recently.

-Britbongreturn's plans-

I am considering doing some YouTube streams once in a while to introduce them to my Youtube subscribers.

The last time I streamed on YouTube it was quite successful and gained me a few more regular viewers on stream.me which was simply epic.

(On sites like stream.me/hitbox you bring your viewers to them, you don't "gain" them like you do on Twitch.tv so this is why I'd do Youtube streams, perhaps it will take off on YT? we'll see)

-Regarding Second Life-
I have not given up on Second Life but the videos take a lot of time to make (around a month per video) due to the game being dead and most of the lands being closed down.

It's not that people are "hard to troll" it's just there are no people, and most of the weirdos hide in "safe spaces" away from the public, near impossible to find.

Also most people don't care about Second Life "trolling" in general, so I just want to make the videos a "once in a while" thing, I could abandon them entirely but I won't be.

I do want to make other content, trolling and other on my channel and I think people are going to have to deal with it, I spent too much time worrying about dislikes/unsubs for a lifetime.

Alternative channel: https://www.youtube.com/eggbong
Stream: http://www.stream.me/britbongreturns

Sorry for the tl;dr but there you go lads.

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