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14th Nov 2016 from TwitLonger

Pillow Talk

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone again for the support that I've been given during the start of this. I'm talking about originally formed as Grouchy Desperados and so forth. Sadly, the team was poisoned and I want to be clear and factual in this post so everyone can understand exactly what I was working with. I do think Tempo is a good org, and did good things for us, but I will fully explain everything.

Tempo was originally formed by merging 2 teams. Northern Gaming who at one point was #5 in the world, and Sea Algae who was potentially up and coming. On Sea Algae was someone who was transitioning to Tempo as staff so it seemed perfect. The only thing I wasn't aware of is how close that staff member was to the Sea Algae players, and exactly how much power he would have over our team. Had I known this information prior, I wouldn't have agreed to it.

They said we were biased towards the NG guys which to an extent was true. We felt like we were better than Sea Algae, so whenever things went wrong, typically it would turn into NG vs SA. Though this worked both ways, SA was biased towards each other as well, especially the staff member that worked with them. After playing with the team for a period of time, we started to notice things about peoples play on the team. Too much aggression, too much passive play, we needed to settle on one. After calling someone out on it constantly, the assault began.

This led to lying, saying everyone we played with said I was the weak link, when in fact whenever I asked them about the scrims or the team, they told me the complete opposite.

I was lied to multiple times during my stay at Tempo. I was told (in the middle of a tournament) that I need to step my game up because for the last month they have received nothing but negative comments about my game play. I confronted my team about it and others, they said that wasn't true. They gave me feedback on things I can work on, which is fine, but they said replacing me wasn't an option.

I was told our manager, was constantly badgering me, saying I'm always late to scrims, under performing, and talking back to the staff constantly. Where in fact, I have screen shots and multiple links of conversations that say otherwise.

The ONE way I know this was a totally biased decision, was the fact that when it came to replacing SA players, it was "well we don't want to kick anyone, lets just move them around in roles" but the second an NG member is up for discussion (even mangachu or breadexpert at times) it was "who can we find to replace them", rather than lets try them on another role.

Everyone that I have spoken to about this specific person, has always said the exact same thing to me: "do not trust him, keep away from him, he shouldn't be involved with your team" and the list goes on. I didn't want to believe them, but apparently the rumors are true.

I was told to never go to Reynad with any issues, and to come directly to said staff member. I was also told to "watch how I speak because this could end badly for one of us and it wouldn't be him". Things like this persisted, until I put my foot down and told him I didn't like the way he was speaking to me and to calm down before we continue.

I respect Reynad, this has nothing to do with him. He was very professional and upfront with me at all times which I 100% appreciate and will never undervalue that.

My release is totally fine, I did great work for the team and Tempo Storm, everyone knows it. I'm not upset at the release, more so at the reason which was I was just at a disadvantage by not knowing some people.

Thank you everyone again for the love and support, and I want to thank the staff from Tempo that treated me professionally without a biased opinion. I hope all of you can continue following me on this journy, because like always I will not let you down.


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