My Personal Reflection

Maybe this will trigger a true political revolution.

The Democratic National Convention knew well that if Bernie Sanders became President, it would be the end of monetarist economics in the United States. That is a massive threat to every single major corporation. All the media networks get millions in advertising revenue from political ads as well as from industries that need to be regulated more strictly.

The center-right Hillary Clinton wing of the party massively underestimated the amount of push-back against globalization that currently exists in the United States and United Kingdom. Protectionism is growing in popularity, and rightfully so, the world economy has been getting worse for the First World working class since Ronald Reagan won in 1981 and destroyed half of the New Deal.

This is not Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Democratic Party, and Democrats have become weaker and weaker at defending their own values. The party thrived between 1933 and 1981 because it represented the working class and fully embraced Keynesian economics. Labor unions used to be massive Democratic strongholds. Now, the Democratic Party is the Republican Party without the bigotry.

The Centrist Democrats aren't going to put up any opposition to the Republicans now that they control all three branches of the federal government. They never have and they never will. The only way we will be able to fix this is by running Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or another actual left winger for the Presidency, and having progressive and socialist Congressmen and senators taking back the Legislative Branch.

We have done this before. The dangerous populism Trump used against the Democrats could've been used for Bernie's advantage if he had won the nomination. Franklin D. Roosevelt channeled that populism into the left instead of the far-right.

So, we will see what happens. The left did not lose this election, the establishment did.

Sean Crain

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