It isn't the end of the world (yet?)

Ever since Donald Trump won, we've been seeing people saying they'll move away from the US or saying that US will be in turmoil.

I can see why, especially the character that Donald Trump showed to us in the presidential election. Saying stuff without thinking, degrading women, different races, veterans, and even mentally handicapped people; and not to mention that he doesn't show care for any other countries.

People are afraid about a war coming or the fact that having him as a president reflects the country. Did I mention as well that the house is full of republicans and Donald Trump is a republican?

However, people don't realize this is just day 1 of the announcement of the president. Stuff hasn't been done yet, and people are exaggerating already about moving away from the US or losing faith in the system(uh hello? the faith has been lost before he even went to office.)

My god people...your anxiety is worst than mine.

Give this a year and judge later. Sure I'm sad that Hillary lost but as South Park predicted: we had to choose to vote for either a turd or a giant douche.

Now if you'll excuse me I'll go have my beer. Yes it's a bad thing because I don't even drink it.

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