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9th Nov 2016 from TwitLonger

I am residing in Russia where I have applied for temporary asylum

Dear Friends: I want you to know that I am residing in Russia where I have applied for temporary asylum. As most of you are aware, the last five years have been a long journey of blessings and challenges: wonderful experiences working alongside great people to promote important social issues, and difficulties arising from being persecuted by Western governments as a result of my journalism and activism.

Some time ago I requested that the New Zealand intelligence agencies confirm whether or not I am one of the at least 88 New Zealanders who was illegally targeted by the GCSB and referred to the American NSA in Hawaii for PRISM to be used on. While refusing to confirm or deny that I am a target, the nature and particulars of the official responses seem to increase the likelihood that it is so. There is also some indication that the Office of the Prime Minister was aware of this.

In time, that documentation and further details of my case for asylum will be released.

I may be the first journalist from New Zealand to ever seek asylum in Russia. For this reason and others my case is significant. As an asylum seeker I am unable to work, and have exhausted all other options just to get us to this point. As such, I must humble myself and ask for your help to raise awareness of my situation and support us through this time. For now, donations can be received through my website,

I am also appealing for international and New Zealand legal assistance (including qualified civil litigators) in order to explore what options, if any, are available to seek redress for what has been done to us.

It is inevitable that those who are responsible for persecuting me will attempt to generate and circulate smears on my character, as they do to all others who rise up and speak truth to power. I have always been forthright about my life and will stand fast through any attacks on me, as I have to date.

The moral support and empathy that so many of you have shown me through the years has meant the world to me. I deeply appreciate your continued solidarity at this time.

With love and respect,

Further information:

* There is a press release available on Scoop NZ:

* Our Family Spokesperson is Kiwi musician Chris Yong. Please send any media requests to

* Some kind friends are running a support Twitter account for me. In the coming months this account will keep you updated about my case. Follow @HelpSuzi3D. My personal account is @Suzi3D

* For information on who I've been targeted by, what they did to me, how and why, please view my documentary film 'Diary of a Person of Interest' at

* A partial bibliography of my relevant work is published here: https//

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