Metascience, New Issue, Volume 25, Issue 3

We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 25, Issue 3 of the journal Metascience.

Editors: K. Brad Wray and Luciano Boschiero

In this issue:

1. A look behind the curtain: the editorial board
K. Brad Wray, Luciano Boschiero Pages 341-342

2. Religio and scientia
Stephen Gaukroger Pages 343-347

3. Deep narrow territories
J. L. Heilbron Pages 349-353

4. Between complexity and harmony: Peter Harrison on science and religion
Yiftach Fehige Pages 355-362

5. Beliefs, Lebensformen, and conceptual history
Peter Harrison Pages 363-370

6. Of silence and denial: Sober on Ockham’s razors
Patrick Forber Pages 371-375

7. Snipping or editing? Parsimony in the chimpanzee mind-reading debate
Kristin Andrews Pages 377-386

8. Sober as a Judge
Gordon Belot Pages 387-392

9. Replies to Kristin Andrews’s, Gordon Belot’s, and Patrick Forber’s reviews
Elliott Sober Pages 393-403

Book Review
10. A plausible case for a science–religion conflict thesis
Maurice A. Finocchiaro Pages 405-408

Book Review
11. Much Ado about noting
Evelyn Tribble Pages 409-411

Book Review
12. A textured portrait of Max Planck for English-speaking readers
Naomi Pasachoff Pages 413-416

Book Review
13. He does mind
Elliot Jurist Pages 417-419

14. Drawing the tree of life
John S. Wilkins Pages 421-424

Book Review
15. “The central and controlling incident of my life”: Alfred Russel Wallace in the Spice Islands and environs, March 1854 to March 1862
Michael A. Flannery Pages 425-428

Book Review
16. “Déjà vu all over again”: Haeckel’s Embryos and the combative history of an evolutionary icon
Donna Roberts Pages 429-432

Book Review
17. Everyone who publishes a book is a fool
Jim Endersby Pages 433-435

Essay Review
18. A paean to contingency
Joseph D. Martin Pages 437-441

Book Review
19. The qualities of good experiments
Adam Morton Pages 443-446

Book Review
20. An inferentialist theory of causation
Jeff Kasser Pages 447-450

21. Manufacturing doubt
Lee McIntyre Pages 451-453

Book Review
22. A guidebook through Kuhn scholarship
Rogier De Langhe Pages 455-457

Book Review
23. Constitutional crises: how understanding constitutive elements in science can help us better understand the nature of conceptual change in science
Joshua Alexander Pages 459-463

Book Review
24. Philosophy of social science from an analytic perspective
Ian Jarvie Pages 465-467

Book Review
25. Understanding cultural evolution
David Henderson Pages 469-472

Essay Review
26. Philosophy of chemistry: unkempt jungle and fertile ground
Micah Newman Pages 473-477

Essay Review
27. Reform for the evolutionary social sciences or new theory of human nature?
Stephen M. Downes Pages 479-485

Book Review
28. A synthesis of work in cognitive science
Kenneth Aizawa Pages 487-490

Essay Review
29. Metaphysics meets the sciences
Axel Gelfert Pages 491-495

Book Review
30. Make ontology easy again
Greg Frost-Arnold Pages 497-500

Essay Review
31. Trying objectivity
David Mercer Pages 501-506

Book Review
32. Gas chambers in the English countryside
John Forge Pages 507-510

Book Review
33. Myths, dreams, and materialities
David Mercer Pages 511-514

Dr. David Lambie
Assistant Editor, Metascience
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
State University of New York at Oswego
7060 State Route 104
212 Campus Center
Oswego, NY 13126

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