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5th Nov 2016 from TwitLonger


Hello Guys, im officially gonna retire with this day so i can fully focus on my studies that require a lot of time and also to take care of some family business. I thought about taking a year off to try my luck in league but from the experiences i have made over my 2 years of playing this game, i have come to the conclusion that based on my skill level it is not worth it, maybe i could have a shot at actually becoming good and consistant if i were to invest more time into the game, but up until this day i always had different priorities over league, so i guess we will never know. Right now i just want to thank Giants for putting their trust in me and helping me to grow as a player, they basicly approached me when i was about to quit a couple of months ago and i was just playing here and there as a sub for MSF.

The experience of playing in lvp was great and a couple of months ago i didnt even know this league was that big and also this well produced, i dont think there is any other national league that can compete with lvp.

Playing-wise i had my ups and downs either i solokilled my opponent or i got solokilled, either i would carry my team or i would be the loosing factor, so my memories are either really positive or really negative. My teammates always supported me altough i was quite incosistant and i really hope with the new roster they can be the nr.1 team that Giants wants to be. A Big thanks and best of luck to all of them! Also big shoutout to the Giants organisation espcially to Totor, German and Jandro. If im gonna comeback some day is uncertain it really depends how things go in the near future.

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