Gibbs · @Gibbs0o0

3rd Nov 2016 from TwitLonger

No Longer with iBUYPOWER.

Hey guys, just letting you know my contract with iBUYPOWER has expired and we both agreed to go our separate ways.

I just want to thank iBUYPOWER for sponsoring Cosmic Aftershock last year. Its been a fun year and I'm glad I got to work with them. I plan to keep in contact with them for all things Rocket League. They were one of the first big organizations to come in and grow the Rocket League scene. It was a giant leap but they took it and got awarded a RLCS Championship Title!

Hopefully one day we can see a Rocket League LAN event from iBUYPOWER! They have great CS:GO events so hopefully we can see some Rocket League action at these events!

I'll be removing my iBUYPOWER logos from all social media throughout the week. (I'll probably forget some!)

Thanks again iBUYPOWER its been great!

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