DreamLeague S6

Wanted to give some information regarding our recent departure from DreamLeague today.

On September 25 we failed to qualify for Northern Arena BEATIT after losing to FDL in the bo5 finals. Shortly after that we contacted Dream League asking if we could participate as we would only have Summit/Major to attend (if we qualify at all). We understood that the tournament was European favored and that we would have to play on LUX server, this is all good. Dreamleague accepted us on Oct 7th.

Although we played with a ping disadvantage for DreamLeague, we had fun doing it, and we learnt a lot.

Fast forward to 20th of October, we have played 4 of the 7 opponents for Dream League. The schedule was looking like it was on track for us. We wanted to play more matches before the Major Qualifier started (Oct 27) (and while were at lower ping on USE bootcamp too), but there wasn't any available time slots during that period of time. We probably messed up here by not asking a week or two in advance. We thought a few days in advance like usual would be good enough but it was hard for Dream League to fit us in at this time I guess.

Fast forward to now. We have ESL Gentling, DotAPit, Elimination mode, and Dream League all within the same week. And this is right before we travel to Montreal for our first LAN. At first we worked it out with DreamLeague that we would play two matches yesterday and FF the remaining game. However a team couldn't make it yesterday and we had to reschedule. At this point it would simply be too stressful to fit the remaining two bo2 into our schedule while preparing for the later stages of 3 other tournaments. At this point we made the decision to just FF the remaining two matches.

Had we not been invited to the Montreal LAN we may have had time to play out the remaining Dream League matches (and potentially the LAN as well) during next week but now its simply too difficult. Whether we would have qualified or not, it is simply not a good idea to participate in 3 LANs in a row right before the Major anyway.

Some people say that we should have just spent the 4-6 hours playing the remaining matches but its not so simple. A lot of time in spent is preparing for these matches. Personally I watch a lot of the opponent replays and study a lot about their draft/play. I also study our team itself and figure out whats best against the opponent. We would usually have a team meeting as well. Had we kept playing DreamLeague, some of the days we would have 7-10 games to play in one day and that's just too much. We would have to half ass the DreamLeague games which is not what we want to do on this team.

Anyway I'm not blaming anyone nor am I saying we aren't wrong. I'm simply telling you the story of how we came to our decision to leave DreamLeague.

Thanks for letting us Participate DreamLeague, were sorry we had to drop out.

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