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1st Nov 2016 from TwitLonger



1. Nostalie and Yaya

After lots of persuasion, Nostalie has decided to stay in the scene. He once again apologies to the community and Yaya for his original post which led to all the dramas.

As for some of the pros who have done eloboosting, he urges everyone to give them a chance, just like how the community has treated him. He believes they will never do it again.

After blizzcon, he will hold a small online tournament featuring 8 teams with about 2400 dollar prize pool at his own expense. Besides the local teams, he will try to invite foreign teams like Ballistix, MVP, and PBA.

Yaya has volunteered to help. She and Nostalie will be casting the tournament together.

2. Lucien and Misaka

Lucien made a post talking about Misaka and himself.

Failing to get visa third times in a row, he was really frustrated.
Afterwards, he spent some time duoing for fun with estar Savage, who he had considered very talented and hardworking. He told Savage that he had decided to join YL's Overwatch team. They talked a lot. It reminded him of his original intention of playing hots professionally, leading him to consider joining eStar. By the time, the CN teams had gone to US for 3 days.

Having told his former SPT teammates he decided to switch to OW, Lucien didn't know how to explain it to them. He can totally understand why Misaka and Qianxiao were so angry. It was mostly his fault.

He knows majority of the community has been hard criticizing Misaka. Even himself made a post to argue with him. But as his former teammate, who once lived with him in the same dwelling for 3 months, Lucien knows what kind of person Misaka is. Sometimes he is a bit emotional.(Just like Lucien himself) But overall, he likes Misaka as a friend.

And again, it was mostly his fault in the first place. If people want to criticize Misaka, they should criticize him as well.

He knew people might think he is hypocritical. But he had to make this post as he felt responsible.

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