Correction: Program seminar in philosophy and history of science, Ghent Uni

My apologies, Vincenzo de Risi's talk will be on February 2 (and not on February 9).
Please find below the corrected version of the program.

Best regards,

Delphine Bellis

Dear colleagues,

Please find below the program of a seminar in philosophy and history of science which will take place at Ghent University this year.
Everyone is welcome to attend!

Cordial regards,

Delphine Bellis

Concepts and methods in philosophy and history of science: Calendar, 2016-2017

Organized by Delphine Bellis ( and Charles Wolfe (

All meetings are, unless otherwise announced, in the seminar room of the Library at Rozier 44, a block away from Blandijnberg (, Thursdays 14.00-16.00

27/10/2016: Jetze Touber (Utrecht/Ghent): “Stones in the Human Body: a Multi-Perspectival Approach to Early Modern Lithogenesis”

17/11/2016: Bohang Chen (Ghent): “Atom and entelechy: Revisiting logical empiricists' criticisms of vitalism"

08/12/2016: Anne-Lise Rey (Lille) : "Between Leibniz and Wolff : Emilie Du Châtelet´s conception of matter"

19/01/2017 : Lucian Petrescu (ULB) : "Theories of mixtures in antiquity"

02/02/2017 : Vincenzo De Risi (Leipzig): “Mathematics and Metaphysics in the Renaissance: Francesco Patrizi’s Philosophy of Space and Geometry” (NB this talk starts at 3:30 pm)

15/03/2017 (two talks, exceptionally on a Wednesday):

Angela Axworthy (Berlin): "The ontological status of mathematical objects in the Commentary on the Elements of Euclid of Jacques Peletier du Mans (1517-1582)"

Victor Boantza (Minnesota): "Thinking about air in the 18th century"

20/04/2017: Sebastiano Gino (Turin) : "The Emergence of the Nervous System in 18th-century Scotland. Porterfield, Whytt and Cullen"

08/06/2017: Susana Gomez (Madrid): "From artigianal to philosophical anamorphosis. The case of the anamorphic elephant of Simon Vouet"

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