Officially retiring from Project M

I'm sure most of you are aware from word of mouth through discord/the pm subreddit that I'm quitting. As of the last few months, it has become pretty much obvious that my Project M career is finished.

Ever since the PMDT disbanded at the end of last year, I haven't really been the same. I know that pretty much everyone was broken by the PMDT disbanding, but the actual developers themselves were hurt the most. As both a high/top level player and aspiring play tester, I dedicated 4 years of my life to Project M and only Project M. I didn't really have any other hobbies and I was incredibly stubborn to accept the reality of what had happened, so I kept lying to myself and saying the game will be fine. I played the game within my local scene and kept traveling for roughly a year now, and behind the scenes I ripped all free time out of myself to make a new build while ignoring the thoughts in the back of my head that said "you know this won't work". With my current life situations of school catching up, my family breaking down, and my overall lack of interest in competition/3.6 specifically, there's nothing better to do than quit playing in Project M.

Project M will always be one of the most memorable chapters in my life, and I'm still genuinely surprised to this day that I became a relevant player. This game gave me so many opportunities in my life to travel, meet new friends, learn things about myself, and understand the complexities of life combined with stress. Despite how much I rag on 3.6 for being a "shitty version" or how the game could've been good, I still appreciate everything else I was given in the end. I'm sad to have a reason to quit, but even then I think I'd be forced to quit in a few months anyways since the game looks super dead in both my region and as a whole.

So what happens after this? Well, I'm going to Olympus (I am entering, although I probably shouldn't) and then afterwards I'll be focusing on real life activities with melee on the side. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw me at Project M events in the future, but I am only really there to hang out with friends (Squander Squad, Strong Bad, Sethlon, Pooch, etc way too many to list <3). To put it in simpler terms, I'm pulling a Sethlon.

See you at Olympus, hope I'm not a bummer but I'll probably be rofl

- Lunchables

P.S. jk I'm quitting because I'm super scared of Sosa /Kappa

P.P.S should I release project meme? might as well release the old files for shits and giggles

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