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21st Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

Departure from LunatiK eSports

I have decided to depart from LunatiK eSports. I have had one hell of a ride with them, they helped me grow in the world of eSports and will remember LunatiK as the team that gave me a lot of opportunity in this wondrous world of eSports. My main reasoning with leaving the team is due to lack of success and the lack of "meshing" I have with this team. I love these guys to death, they are and always will be my friends, I just feel that playing in a competitive setting with them just is not working out. I am making a move that I have been scared to for a while to do, but with recent events leading to many roster issues I feel that one more change couldn't hurt that much more. I am promoting Nix to R6 Team Captain, and I believe that naming him team captain will mean a lot more production out of the team. I wish the best of luck to the remainder of LunatiK.


Dylan "GiB2k" Gibbs

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