Excite departure from Tainted Minds

It was just announced that Excite has been released from Tainted Minds. I would like to touch on the topic a little bit.

Firstly it's a great shame to have a good teammate, great player and good friend leave us. I enjoyed my time with Cody. I'm sure whatever chapter is next for him he'll go far. I wish him the best of luck going forward.

Going forward from here, Tainted Minds will be looking for a 4th player to fill a Hybrid role in the upcoming Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare title alongside myself, Killerpie & Guydra. This gives us the perfect opportunity to build a roster where all 4 players are comfortable in the roles they play.

We're looking forward to what the next chapter holds for us as a team going forward & most definitely looking forward to competing on Infinite Warfare for the 2017 season.

Thanks for your guys continuous support <3
Grind 'Till The End

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