Dumbo · @DumboRL

18th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

Dicky, Stoney and myself have had a good run together but unfortunately came to the conclusion to disband on good terms.

We've been a very solid team in the past, and even present to an extent. There's no team ranked higher than us that we've not beaten and on any good day no one would wanna face us. As a lot know however our results are inconsistent and it feels like were stuck in a pit, there's a fair bit going on that's very restricting towards the team to progress which has lead to this decision. Again we have absolutely nothing against eachother, this is just best for us as players who would like to progress further into the competitive scene. Stoney and Dicky would be a crazy pickup for anyone as I'm sure you all know they're mechanically top tier players.

The Alpha Sydney organisation has been my very first eSports sponsorship, and its a scary feel to possibly be moving on as I cant imagine a manager being any better than the support Doss has shown us throughout our time together. Its an easy recommendation for any team thats offered by this org, they always want whats best for their players to move forwards no matter the cost.

As for myself I plan on either looking or maybe even creating a new team, will see how things pan out. Stoney, Dicky and myself as Alpha Sydney do plan to finish off this Rocet LAN event with full understandings that we may not be able to give time to eachother if new teams do come along. Otherwise its been an amazing run with Dicky, Stoney and Alpha Sydney and this whole experience is just something that cant be forgotten.

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