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17th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

About me.

Today is exactly 3 months ago since the problem with Vikky occurred.
During this time, I have thought a lot about me as a person, who I am and what do I want. I have been in rehab and, it is true, I do have alcohol issues but right now I am working in order to change this.
I don't want to talk anymore about what happened that day, the problem was between Vikky and I, we have spoken and reached an agreement, which I will respect.

In Mexico, TOs and friends invite me to many events, and I am not meant to go... The reason? I wish to take what happened in order to become a better person and to change every single thing that create problems to me.

Here is what will I do:
I will start attending to tournaments on January 2017, only if I am allowed to play there. As I disappeared from social media, I know nothing about my punishment. Some people tell me it will be until July 2017 and others that only until the end of 2016 (For USA)... So when either of these two statements comply... Yes, I will come back to USA for tournaments if possible, and if not... I will also accept it because it is on me.

I want to say THANK YOU to all the people who supported me, who sent messages to me, seriously it is something I appreciate a lot, if I do not answer the messages is because I was very unstable at the time but I read them for sure.
This experience has changed me completely.

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