Greetings, Thanks for the email, you are not the first at all

I'd like to start off by saying I understand you're frustrated and
annoyed with the now inevitable deletion of the Ponyzal YouTube Channel.
I understand you like being about to view localised versions of your favourite videos.

Here's the problem, it has now become a serious concern to me
due to the mass of begging and down right irritating emails and comments
along with the endless spam I've been recieving over the past couple of days.
This is becoming a much bigger issue and Needs to stop!

The reasoning behind the deletion of the channel is due to Copyright Infringment.
Ponyzal Uploaded 3 of my videos and other youtubers videos with logos removed and
very minimal credit given.
The main issue with this, is due to the fact that these re-uploads are MONETIZED
and us as the original creators are Not recieving a SINGLE Penny of any of the revenue, effectively
making Ponyzal loads of money and us as the original animators NOTHING.

As Shown in This Screenshot which shows how much Ponyzal makes a month and a year off of all his videos

None of the people who made the original videos get a single penny.

This is a completely illegal activity and is not allowed on YouTube plus its
just flat out wrong as if you plan to make money off someone else's work, you need
to provide them with a sufficient cut of the revenue e.g. 80% of the revenue. We recieved
absolutely nothing while Ponyzal made a ton of money off of our own animations and work.

So Basically what I'm saying is that I completely refuse to recall the claims on
the channel as the user was effectively earning money off of Me and various other youtuber's work
and not giving us a single bit of revenue.

Your Sincerely
Harry Gomm/JollyOldCinema

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