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11th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

Since the first news of "Cook Up A Storm" came out, Empire Entertainment Group said it's scheduled for the Chinese New Year slot, which is the most profitable movie season in China. With the "Korean artists ban" policy in china, that Apple Daily HK reporter wondered if CUAS will screen in HK as scheduled. If it will be delayed in mainland China, it's likely Empire will shelf it later for HK too. The reporter implied he asked Empire about that and a spokesman said the movie will be screened as scheduled but JYH will not go to Beijing for promotion. This news has been circulated among mainland Chinese fans too, but many don't think not going to Beijing means not going to other China cities. I don't understand why some English translations say "China". Another thing is they still see Korean stars doing various promotions in China since the "ban". And quite many think the movie got screened as scheduled is the most important, YH appearing in China in front of the media is just a bonus. There are all sorts of promotions. It's more important a lot of people get to see YH's acting in movie theaters. Not every company can get their movies screened during Chinese New Year. Empire is making a few movies this year, and they planned to put CUAS in that slot since the beginning.

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