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11th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

(cont.d) @Nostalgames_Fr Have fun depriving and demoralizing the 'host' that makes your little 'retro craze' cash-in possible. Trying to cash in on some pie-in-the-sky "NES Mini" bubble economy apparently, or is there some greater reason for your little "startup"?

I truly feel sick to my stomach that all of my hard work, labor and efforts went into the creation of some little digusting 'sub industry' that is now making money off exploiting other companies' intellectual property. Lakka's 'intent' was to make things like Retron5 obsolete so nobody would have to give cash-in and ripoff products like this anymore illbe-gotten money! But instead what it has created it seems is more 'Retron5' ripoffs.

And it seems unscrupulous 'entrepreneurs' who are not above spitting in the creators' faces who buttered the bread they are trying to sell don't give a damn about even doing due diligence in being able to 'do it right', they think they can just go around the place and get permission here, get permission there, through shady, deceiving e-mails.

For instance, we NEVER gave our approval, yet they tried to send us an e-mail months ago where they tried to get the rights to 'sell' Lakka -

Let's put THAT e-mail out there as well, shall we?

I am a french student currently working on an retrogaming console project I would like to develop.
The project is to distribute assembled raspberry pi kits (with controllers and so on), which would be dedicated to retrogaming through emulation, in order to make it available to the less tech-savvy people.
The Libretro technology seems to be the best solution for what I'm willing to achieve. Therefore I was wondering about license terms in using it.
From what I saw, it seems like retroarch is under GPLV3, and each libretro core is the under it's own license.
Under which conditions mays I use retroarch and the other GPL licensed cores, knowing that we will be selling the consoles ?

Hoping we can collaborate on this project.

Best regards,
Founder - Nostalgames
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Some college kid hoping to 'cash in', hoping to use whatever he can get to make himself some chump change. Is this what 'French universities' are setting you guys up to do nowadays? Be the equivalent of 'fly-by-night entrepreneurs'? Maybe I should contact your university 'next' and see how they feel about a PR disaster like this.

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