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11th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

These lying scamartists at @Nostalgames_Fr even tried to talk to the press and claim we were NOT against commercial use! I guess they never got this e-mail, and I surely never got a response!

"I am specifically contacting you to remind you that we told you in explicit terms on our IRC channels not to mention us or to give the implicit appearance to the press that we are in any way associated to you or are approving of what you do.

This news article has come to our attention -

"Nous avons échangé avec les créateurs de Retroarch/Libretro et que ceux-ci nous ont dit qu’ils "ne s’opposent pas à une utilisation commerciale" (NDLR : Retroarch/Libretro, systèmes avec plusieurs émulateurs)."

I demand that you stop mentioning us in any press releases or give the appearance that we are in any shape or form supporting your efforts or in approval of what you are doing. I am also demanding you contact this news site and retract this part. We are NOT IN ANY WAY SUPPORTIVE of what you are doing.

If you fail to follow up on this, I will seek legal assistance.

Consider this a warning.

Daniel De Matteis"

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