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11th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

Being abused again

@LakkaTV @Nostalgames_Fr @Kissbankers Once again guys, we are being fucked over by certain guys who take what they want, disregard all licenses, and just think they can 'sell' something against the creators' wishes.

These are guys trying to package RetroArch-derived software (Recalbox in this case) with a cheap $1 Raspberry Pi box, against our wishes, and without any compensation, then they go ahead and bundle that up with a bunch of NONCOMMERCIAL EMULATORS for which they don't have any rights, yet they claim they do. And of course it's the usual Retron5 job : TIVOize it up, claim that you don't have to provide source back, claim that these emulators are 'public domain' and therefore you don't have to do your due part in respecting the licenses or giving source back, i.e. 'MadeInFrance' indeed, except this time parasitic low-down profiteering off open source software is 'MadeInFrance'. Not a good look for France's entrepreneurial economy honestly, and to think this is 'endorsed' by universities these days, smh....

They are creating all sorts of lies and nonsense where they are stating they got the permission of Genesis Plus GX and Snes9x users in order to 'sell' their product.

I have contacted ekeeke, he firmly denies having given his 'consent' -

I contacted the 'author' of armsnes who honestly just 'forked' our repository snes9x 2002, no such rights were ever granted:

AS SOON as I wrote a sternly written letter to this armsnes guy, he pulled his repository so that there is no 'public record' of this anymore, so here is what he told me instead:

"Hey guy(s). No need for the heavy handed approach here, this was just a hobby fork I was working on to squeeze a few more cycles out of a rpi1. I'm not aware of any french guys who are monetising this, and obviously have not given away any rights for this code as I do not own any. All licenses and copyrights in the code remain untouched.

I don't need this any more anyway, the catsfc core has much better support and is fast enough on an rpi2. I'll delete this if it will make your lives simpler."

I am taking this to their crowdfunding site KissKissBankBank to see if we can get it shut down on grounds of them claiming they have the rights to noncommercial software which they don't.

Do note that all this bullshit is a huge distraction and has a huge demoralizing effect on the project involved. These vultures and parasites are trying to 'game' their users with cheaply made crap and using our good name/brand/hard work in order to do it.

We cannot fight these guys legally since we have no funding, hence they think they can walk all over us and essentially spit directly in our face and abuse us. Have fun depriving

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