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11th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

Using Adur0 as our mid laner for group stages.

First of all I'd like to say that I think Moswal is an awesome dude, and has a huge heart. This decision was very difficult for us to make. But with the importance of this lan, and a shot at us possibly qualifying for regionals (which then leads to worlds), we felt it had to be done. When Moswal had first joined the team, Whalrus and I saw a ton of potential in him. Moswal was completely new to competitive Smite and had mechanical skill that we didn't see in Adur0. As we got to play a little more with him, we naturally started to recognize the mistakes he was making, just like any teammates would as they get to know each other. These problems included poor communication, not listening to calls, and hesitating on basic decisions. As the season went on Moswal had a really tough time fixing his problems. We tried watching over vods with him, and telling him how to fix his problems. We even subbed Adur0 in, recorded the games, and showed him exactly how Adur0 was communicating and listening to calls. After doing what we felt was everything in our power to help Moswal, he still couldn't seem to fix anything. Leading up to the lan Moswal has almost completely stopped playing Smite, and seemed to have lost any drive to win and improve. We in no way think Moswal is the sole reason of our poor performance, and although we are the 8th seed team, we have a shot at the SWC. A mentality like that is never good in a competitive situation with so much at stake.

As I said we had subbed Adur0 in a couple times to show Moswal how to fix his mistakes, and realized that when doing so we had actually played better as a team with Adur0. This is very last minute, and we all realize that we waited way too long to make this decision, but we saw so much potential in Moswal that we really did think that with some effort, he could have become a great mid laner. It may also seem like a very poor decision to make a roster change right before lan, but we feel the synergy we already have, and have been working on with Adur0, is better than that of what we had with Moswal.

Moswal has made the decision not to attend group stages, which is completely understandable. We are sad that he made this decision because although in a team environment things didn't work out, we all still consider Moswal a friend who we would've enjoyed to have around.

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