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10th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

OnFleek disbands | Personal statement and situation

Our team, OnFleek Gaming, has disbanded. Out of the blue (at least for me) Gerry Goorlap decided to leave the team and try new things out. What will happen to Reepex and me isn't sure at the moment. We may look for new teams.

I will make a statement here to clear a few things about me:

On the game's side, I've always loved to play Rocket League on a high level. I had much fun with my recent teams. I've learned much from my teammates. As I'm a passive, mostly defensive player, I'm not a spectacular player. It's a different playstyle to most of other competitive players and I know that the synergy with other players isn't given in all situations. Especially in 2's it's hard for me to switch my role (what doesn't allow you to disrespect me or insult me ingame).

On the personal's side there is another thing. I'm diagnosed with a chronical muscular disease which causes much pain to my chest. My doctors recommended me to make a break or at least to lower my playtime. It's not easy for me since Rocket League and video games in general are abstracting me a bit from my pains.

With all that said I will take a break from competitive (or how you will call it, idc) Rocket League. I will still be playing and you will still see me in the game. It's just that I'm not searching for teammates with the effort I did before and I won't be playing as much as before.

Some people will laugh now and be happy about that. Well, fair enough. I was always a person that was honest and straight. The one who can deal out has to live with attacks on himself. On this way I'm apologizing to a few players which I irritated over the past months. I'm not a person that wants disharmony but my directness can cause it because most people can't handle it. There are players I never talked to which don't like me, to those I can say nothing. If people feel to judge me without knowing me, then I'm happy that my acts are entertaining them so much that they have to talk about me.

For the next time I will focus to retrieve the fun in this game. The community is great and the game has potential. There's no way I would leave this community but I need some fresh air. I could imagine working as a coach or third and even sub in a team. If you are interested just hit me up.

I'm happy and thankful for all the people that always were on my side. With that said, I'm hoping to see some of you ingame and beforehand, I'm sorry if I'm your mate in 2's.


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