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10th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

♡ Thank you from @hsyspace’s admin ♡

[ADMIN UPDATE] A short thank you and some admin updates as it has been a month since @hsyspace was created! ♡

Firstly, please accept a big thank you from me, the admin, for following the account and supporting Seungyeon. Over 200 fans have followed the account for ENG updates, which is awesome. I hope that you will continue to support her in the future (and maybe purchase her Japanese album when it comes out)!

♡ What you can expect in the near future ♡

- Longer, monthly posts summarising Seungyeon’s activities for the previous month. These will be released at the beginning of the month and would serve as a catch-up for fans who are out of the loop with what Seungyeon has been doing. The posts will include posts and descriptions about Seungyeon’s activities, as well as links to other media such as videos.

- A prototype calendar for Seungyeon’s activities. I have had a few people asking about Seungyeon’s schedule and thus feel it would be neat to have a calendar that tells you what you can expect her to be up to. I have been scouring the Korean web and I haven’t found an official calendar (I know her Japanese fanclub has one but it doesn’t always include everything), hence why this would be a prototype project; to see if it’s possible.

♡ Thank you again ♡

I run @hsyspace for Seungyeon’s international fans, so that non-Korean/Japanese speakers can feel closer to her. All I want is to spread the word about Seungyeon and her activities, so thank you very much for retweeting translations and other posts. Hopefully Hammie’s fanbase will only continue to grow!

Much love,

@hsyspace’s admin ♡

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