Hey Tridd, I appreciate the time you took to think about ways to improve Insomnia and the UK Masters, as we too are always striving to improve the experience for LAN attendees.

The UK Masters is built around the idea of providing stability and growth to the esports scene in the UK and to bring the top UK teams closer to competing as a full time career.

The ability for the best teams in the UK to compete in (and win) our events is key for UK Teams to grow, and begin to compete at an international level. Cutting off Insomnia's BYOC prize pool from the top teams to me seems unjustified when it’s another avenue for revenue for teams (not only the prize money, but though results based sponsorship, sponsorship for representing brands at the event).

I understand that season one of UKM wasn't extremely high profile and many of the League of Legends community would have missed it - We hosted the grand final at Insomnia58, supported finalists with travel, accommodation, and BYOC seats for the duration of Insomnia.

This allowed 2 UK Organisations to compete for 2 prize pools (UK Masters and BYOC) for a drastically reduced cost. Both Finalists of Season one are now travelling to Beijing to compete in WCA 2016 and I'm super proud for us to have been a part of their journey and hope they'll continue to grow as teams.

Now we’re expanding into League of Legends - hopefully with UK Masters in addition to the UK Premiership we will see more UK teams break into the international scene.

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