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4th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

LoL BYOC Options

I'm don't work for Multiplay, nor know what their plans are. This is just what I would like to see.

We've now got two premier leagues in UK LoL, with potentially a third on the horizon. One of the biggest problems is competitive motivation because of the skill gap between the top premier teams, and the lower. If you're not in that tier, the looking from the outside in, your chance of victory is slim to none.

The tradition for players has been ESLUK Premier, and Insomnia LAN, the staples of UK Esports. With Multiplay expanding the Masters tournaments, that's gonna potentially tie up some of the top tier talent when it comes to LAN (depending on how they schedule Masters and BYOC). This can remove the top tier teams from BYOC and open up opportunity for a lower quality team to win the BYOC. You can't ignore the lower tier Masters players though, the skill gap (as mentioned above) is still present within that group.

So hypothetically, you operate the BYOC in line with the Masters, and as the bottom half of Masters is eliminated, they're seeded into the BYOC, treating BYOC as a lower bracket to Masters with its own first place and prize pool. Kind of like NLB was to OGN (Pre-LCK, before it was a league). BYOC talent can duke it out in a Swiss to decide a bracket, and have slots in the bracket stage to seed the teams eliminated from Masters. This way, you're still incentivising the lower half of the Masters bracket, keeping the Top tier teams away from the weaker ones, and providing a better opportunity for BYOC teams to actually win the BYOC.

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