Hydra here,

As may you know, I won't be participating in BlizzCon this year.
Because of a conflict with my wedding.
It had to be booked a year ago to set it up on a good day and time for all my family and fiance's.
Last year and two year ago, BlizzCon started on the Nov 1st, so I thought it would be fine to book my wedding on the 29th(+time difference between kr and usa so would arrive on the 29th.), But the schedule was set differently this year, and I know that's no one's fault.
Blizzard, Catz and I tried our best to figure it out, But we could't reach to make it happen.
As I believed so much that it could've been figured and I could've played it, it was frustrating so much. Especially I am planning to join the military service in Korea at the end of this year, it would've been my last big tournament.
But everything has been decided now.
I'd like to thank Blizzard and CatZ for all the work figuring this out.
I'm happy that I'm still going to BlizzCon to play a show match.
So I hope to see some of you there!
And I'm so excited to see what's going to happen in BlizzCon this year.
I personally think it's sad to see Neeb and Snute are in the same group because I think they are two of best outside of Korea, but why not both get out of the group.👍
Btw, I will be cheering for foreign players (foreign players could be Kr players, after Neeb won 😂)


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