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27th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

What teams where you in before you got picked up by Execration?

After becoming the top player on the SEA Dota 2 Leaderboards, I joined the MSI Squad. Later on the team decided to change sponsors which involved rebranding from MSI to Trackmate.Tric. After a few months I left the team and focused more on my studies. While it was a good experience the most valuable outcome during that time was becoming friends with several players like RR which lead to us playing many party games together. I believe it was RR who recommended me to Execration in 2015. But during that time I was with Australian-based team CSW together with Bokerino and Godot who was the the teams captain. However I eventually left due to personal reasons. When I left CSW I was contacted by Execration but was hesitant to join because of my studies. In January 2016 Execration contacted me again. After talking to my father about it, he encouraged me to give it a try. That's basically how I ended up at Execration.

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