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27th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

Rough trans of full Yonghwa's interview in We're like a Puzzle Spring Live DVD

Trans from video cr 郑容和演唱会安利博

MC: What is the interesting point about this tour?
YH: Did songs from Major Debut and Indies times and remembered feelings of those times

MC: At first, the setlist was done by Jungshin? What did YH san feel upon seeing the setlist?
YH: All changed! After seeing, (I) changed a bit. I have always been doing it myself, so I thought it's good to have other member's ideas and thus asked them (to do it). Though it's good, but still...haiz... Sorry^^

MC: How's the fans' response?
YH: Many fans who attended the concert wrote on SNS that they were so happy to hear many songs which they have not heard for a long time.
MC: That's good! Although the setlist was changed a bit, but the change was good!
YH: Yes! Just as expected.
MC: Just as expected of YH!

MC: How has CNBLUE's music grown in these 5 years?
YH: There are both old songs better than new songs and also new songs better than old songs.
MC: I feel that the music has widened, including use of piano, brass etc now. How do you get these ideas? Continuously listening to music?
YH: No. I used to use guitar to make a lot of songs. Now I uses a variety of methods to make songs, so there are more variety of sounds.

MC: What about the ideas for arrangement?
YH: I enjoyed the time arranging songs.
MC: So you keep staying in the studio doing it.
YH: Yes
MC: How long will you stay in the studio doing it?
YH: If I have time, I will finish it in one day.
MC: One day? For one song?
YH: Many. If I have inspiration, up to 3 songs in 1 day.
MC: So you keep staying in the studio. What about your meals?
YH: Meals... Delivery!

MC: In the next 5 or 10 years, which direction will CNBLUE's music go?
YH: I don't know yet. Maybe more grown-up.
MC: What is CNBLUE's future goal?
YH: Dome tour.

MC: YH has been so busy up till now, when was the moment you most wanted to have a rest?
YH: Next year?
MC: Haha, no such moment till next year?
YH: I don't know. I don't really like to rest. If I rest, I will have burden, I will want to do something.
MC: So you will write songs when you have time to rest?
YH: Yes

MC: Any new challenges you want to take up?
YH: Anything is fine with me.
MC: What message you want to give on this tour?
YH: Because it's spring tour, let's work hard from now till the end.
MC: If you see it, you will have new feeling.
YH: Yes
MC: But there are a lot of old songs!
YH: Yes
MC: Thank you very much!
YH: Thank you very much!

(pls feel free to correct any mistakes! thanks!)

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