Nuovo Gaming Indefinite Hiatus

This post is coming a little bit later than it should have but I have been holding off as long as possible on making this in hopes that it would not be necessary.

Nuovo Gaming will be entering an indefinite hiatus likely for the remainder of 2016. This being said we will be releasing all remaining members currently housed under the Nuovo Gaming organization, effective immediately.

Within the last few months Nuovo has seen plenty of success, players under our banner were able to earn over $10,000 in prize money, compete internationally and compete at the highest level in multiple titles. The issues leading to this hiatus will not be publicly disclosed at this time but Jordan and I are working hard to return to the Oceanic region stronger than ever in the near future. I'm very thankful for all of the support for our project within the last few months and am sorry for anyone who feels let down by this announcement.

- @AlexGLogics, CEO of Nuovo Gaming

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