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27th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

Lethamyr - No Longer on Team Vendetta

Hey guys, Lethamyr here.

So as you guys know, Team Vendetta's main roster (as you knew it) was Darkfire, Torment, and myself. We qualified for group stages in RLCS, knocking out the Selfless in a 5 game series. (3-2 Vendetta). We did pretty well in the first week of the group stages as well (expected results).

Tonight, I was informed that I was being moved down to a 5th for the team, and Karma was going to be their new third. They gave up my spot, after we qualified for RLCS, without talking to me at all about what could change.

I am infuriated right now, I feel used. All of my hard work, a shot at the LAN (something I've been practicing for ages for) and it's gone because two selfish players (Darkfire and Torment) removed me from the starting squad.

I honestly have no words to describe this move. Such a disrespectful way to treat one of your main members (knowing that the 5th would not be signed under the contract of any sponsored organizations). I have lost all respect for these players.

I guess I'm in for the long run on awaiting Season 3 of RLCS. I'll still stream, but you will not see me affiliating with these players any longer. Best of luck to the rest of the teams in the RLCS this season.

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