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22nd Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

Quitting Rocket League

To everyone I have ever played with or against, I thank you for the memories.

To everyone I have ever sarcastically stated "What a save!" or "Nice shot!" to, I apologize for putting you down.

The people around me want tangible things, results, to show that my entire life on the computer hasn't been a waste. There is no way for me to prove to them that I can call any of you my "friends", regardless of how close you may feel when we chat. In fact, I don't REALLY know any of you, but you will always be close friends in my heart.

Following in the trend of this message, I am sad to announce that I will no longer be participating in anything relating to or in regards with Rocket League or anything dealing with eSports in general. I am proud and honored to say I have been a part of a game so ground-breaking as Rocket League, and I wish for everyone to keep aiming high, because the sky's the limit.

Zombie, Groot, Hahn, Geno, Zane, Sid, Garret, Turtle, Moses, Hanz0, the entire RLC cast, all of Psyonix Studios, I thank you for creating an environment that has pulled me away from the responsibilities and times where I couldn't face the world. Last, but definitely not least, Lethamyr, thank you for the past few months. They have been some of the most fun times I have ever experienced when playing this game and I couldn't thank you more for them.

Goodbye, everyone.


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