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20th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

@artur Found something for you -

"Lastly, I fully intend to release all of my own personal work on bsnes to the public domain (not to GPL) when I discontinue working on it myself, hence why I've clearly documented all included non-PD source code inside bsnes and make it as easy as removing one define to take out. But no sooner will I release it to PD. And if it's really such a big deal to you, just steal my work anyway. I don't want you to, but realistically: I can't stop you. All of my code is publically available"

This was the premise of the whole copyright reassignment, so that it would be easier to put it in the public domain. I am pretty sure that 'being able to sell license exemptions to companies for $2000+ to company X/Y/Z' would not have had the desired effect of making people relinquish their copyright now would it? Now of course he can play coy now and claim "I haven't stopped working on it yet", but honestly, it's plain as day to see what happened there. He saw Hyperkin being able to take emulators and turn it into a sellable product, and he thought 'oh shit, better get a piece of that pie too!'. So fat chance of it ever appearing in the public domain now.

Fact is, I lost a lot of respect for him with all of this dishonesty and games he has played, over the years. He played games with his contributors and he lied about the purpose of having others relinquish their copyright to him, and he also did a 180 on his stance towards Hyperkin, but only AFTER they indicated they would like to buy a license from him. I recognize a snake when I see one.

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