On Denial's Bloodlust Forfeit

After yesterdays forfeiture of the Bloodlust tournament, we would like to apologize to Arcane8 and the fans for the disappointment and anger we caused. Our team has been training very hard for two months and we really wanted to put on a great show for everyone.

Whenever so much time is spent together, there is a large chance that disputes will come and go between teammates. Unfortunately, a player has been dealing with the added stress of multiple real life factors, along with the pressure of maintaining his practice schedule and this led to an altercation, and ultimately, our untimely exit. The behavior exhibited was unacceptable and he will be fined for his refusal to participate. This decision had nothing to do with the caliber of tournament, which was by far the most amazing event the community and Jake has ever put on.

I would like to thank our fans for all their support through the rough times. I am confident our issues will be resolved by Blizzcon, where we hope to give an unforgettable performance.

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