Our match vs SK in ECS Dev League

Hi all, just a quick TweetLonger to explain what happened today in our match vs SK for the ECS Development League.

The schedule came out about a month ago and we added the matches to 2 separate calendars. 1 is a CS:GO specific for our roster and the other is a personal one. We somehow managed to record it as 6EST instead of 2EST in both calendars. Whenever we put things in the calendars we double check them and basically re-read and confirm them all to make sure mistakes like this don't happen. I don't do it alone and get additional eyes to check it but ultimately it's my fuckup, so i'm lost for words how this did happen. In 3 years of managing this team we have never turned up late to anything (flight, match etc) and this is something I pride myself on so i'm really disappointed this happened today.

We were ready to play SK at 6EST we had a practice match lined up before hand to ensure we go into the match warm. As a result of my mistake, we are going into this match rushed and barely awake and 0-1 down in the series.

I want to apologize to my Team, SK Gaming, ECS and the fans who were ready to see a great match. This wont happen again.


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